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Press Release: Arizona Humanities Grant

Intersectional Equity Maricopa, Inc. is proud to announce that our Stop School Bullying program has received a grant from Arizona Humanities. This funding will significantly advance our efforts to educate and combat school bullying and violence. The grant will enable us to develop a comprehensive curriculum and conduct workshops for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. These activities aim to raise awareness and provide effective solutions to reduce school bullying.

Arizona Humanities Grant

Our approach asks why are we, the public, consistently responding to school violence by arguing about guns or banning guns or stacking security



When we need to be focusing the discourse and action towards prevention, de-escalation, and community engagement

The Stop School Bullying program aims to create a school environment free of violence via services, learning tools, and our research arm.

  • Our research arm has launched a national mass batch study to pinpoint qualitative and quantitative data school by school, state by state, to determine the causality of bullying and violence specifically in each geographic area so it can be addressed preventatively and with early detection.
  • Our services will hire college students in their fields of study to host de-escalation programs in their local schools/communities, teaching students and staff preventative methods.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI is more than a hot topic – join in transformative discourse that transcends its “trendy” status to address profound societal challenges: resources and insights to explore its deep-seated roots and enduring significance.


Explore a wealth of research and insights into pressing issues shaping our society’s fabric. Research across areas of social justice and equity beginning with pilot explorations into school bullying and violence.